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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Mark Andrew Group LLC PPE markets disposable gloves, masks and other PPE products. The primary markets served are healthcare, government, and food service industries. MAG PPE can meet your wholesale disposable glove needs regarding quantity and delivery ranging from 1,000 boxes to multiple millions. In most cases, Mark Andrew Group LLC PPE can provide quality gloves competitively priced through multiple reliable sources.

Specific to food service gloves, one of the best sources MAG PPE has access to is Elers Medical USA. Elers Medical USA, Inc. is a worldwide distributor of products manufactured by PM Gloves (“PMG”). PM Gloves, PM Gloves for over 40 years, PM Gloves has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of medical, industrial and food service grade gloves, including nitrile, vinyl, and nitrile/vinyl hybrid gloves. PMG’s capacity exceeds 18 billion gloves annually and distributes products to over 100 countries. PMG, based in Taiwan, is also one of the Top 5 OEMs in the world. 

PM Gloves Food Services Gloves: Nitro-V, (hybrid vinyl glove 10-15% nitrile), Medical/Certified for Food Service, Comply with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 177 for Food Handling. Nitrofin, nitrile gloves with textured fingertips. Safe Health, Vinyl food service gloves and others.

Food Service Gloves Usage: Nitrile gloves are an exceptionally good food service choice because of they are strong and ideal for handling uncooked foods in food preparation. Some nitrile gloves have textured fingertips which are ideal for handling slippery foods such as fish, chicken and meats. Vinyl gloves have excellent fingertip dexterity and overall durability and ideal for food service counter operations. Sales of nitrile and vinyl food service gloves are about equal in the USA.

Quote: Mark Andrew Group LLC PPE can provide a quote within three business days. Please provide the brand name and/or type of glove you are using along with the quantity you use annually and the price the customer is currently paying per box of 100 gloves if possible. 

Samples: Samples of boxes of gloves, 100 gloves per box, are supplied at no cost to prospective customers along with corresponding data sheets.

Rubber Gloves
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