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The Mark Andrew Group has a dual focus: first, we are a discreet sanctuary for corporations and individuals seeking brand strategy guidance and public relations counsel. Second, we are a full- service communications, marketing, social media strategy/management and business development agency. The Mark Andrew Group was established in 2000 to provide a broad range of clients the benefit of Mark Andrew's years of experience in strategy, communications, public relations, marketing, business development, sports business intelligence and political science.

Mark Andrew Zwartynski - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mark Andrew is particularly proud of having recruited, hired and trained so many people who have gone on to senior management positions in advertising, marketing, management, finance, public relations, sales, sports management, personal training, and sports coaching.

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Mark Andrew Zwartynski, Chairman of the Mark Andrew Group is a veteran business development, public relations, communications, technology, management, marketing, finance, broadcast executive and entrepreneur. Mark Andrew has many projects to his accomplishments such as the resurrection of the NBA Indiana Pacers (!982, under owner Herbert Simon) representing the NBA as a traveling consultant on NBA Vice-President Paula Hanson's Team Services Group, a Partner/Developer Traditions Golf Club in Edmond, OK, raising over $6.5 million for the Texas Indoor Golf facility in the DFW Metroplex, Co-founding of the Vertex Golf Digital Analysis Systems used by Nike Golf R&D “The Oven,” and General Partner in High Performance Breathing Technology to name a few.

Mark Andrew, has held senior management positions with Southern Cross Productions, Slatewood Records, Barney Miller Electronics, the international firm of Katz & Associates, the NBA Indiana Pacers/Market Square Arena, the NBA Dallas Mavericks/Reunion Arena and working as the Dallas Mavericks key representative on the planning team for the $350m American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, the IHL Milwaukee Admirals/Bradley Center, the USHL Muskegon Lumberjacks/L.C. Walker Arena, the Allen Event Center and the Pan American Games.

Mark Andrew is a strategic advisor to political candidates and elected officials, athletic coach's, current and past Olympic and professional athletes, recording artists and high net worth public relations clients for personal branding, media relations, project and employment negotiation and management, as well as social media management and security.

Mark Andrew is a forerunner in sports and entertainment sales and marketing automation having developed the first automated sales and marketing staff in sports, Internet and mobile technology, digital scanning, digital psychographic demographic geographic research analysis and rewards and loyalty programs. He produced over 650 live and filmed-broadcasted professional sporting events including the widely acclaimed “Admiral's Insider” on CBS, “The Tony Romo Show Live from The Gaylord Texan.” He has delivered hundreds of millions of dollars in sports sponsorships, promotions and ticket sales.

Mark Andrew is a published author of “Two On The Aisle: How to Get Tickets to Any Event, Anytime, Anywhere” (published by Bell Atlantic), editor of J.L. Lewis'' “Tips From The Tour” (published by J.L. Lewis), recording/performing artist at '44 Uprising Records, most recent recording 2016's “Alright!” and Film Producer of the “2007 Lone Star International Film Festival Documentary.” Mark Andrew has lectured all over the world and interviewed by many networks. He is the current USA Ambassador of the Prusai Nation of Poland.

Alexandra Rush MA (PhD candidate) - Executive Director, Human Development and Senior Assistant to the Chairman

Alexandra functions as the Executive Director, Human Development and Assistant to the Chairman.

Alexandra Rush is the Executive Director, Human Development and Senior Assistant to the Chairman. She received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, her Masters Degree in Psychology from Long Island University and is a PhD candidate in Human Development at Montclair State University.

Mark K. Sullivan J.D. - Chief Legal Counsel and Director of Legal Guidance

Mark K. Sullivan serves as Chief legal Counsel and Director of Legal Guidance for the Mark Andrew Group.

David Craig LAT ATC NATA HOF 2016 - Director of Athletic Services

David Craig, Director of Athletic Services for the Mark Andrew Group is a 2016 inductee into the National Athletic Trainers' Association Hall of Fame. David graduated from Purdue University working under the legendary William 'Pinky' Newell.

Warren Shapiro - Director of Research Operations

Warren Shapiro is the Director of Research Operations for the Mark Andrew Group.

Fifteen years ago, Warren founded Sports Research Consultants. Prior to Sports Research Consultants he worked for Fortune 500 companies in various research and finance positions. Warren is a graduate of the University of Hartford. His hobbies are going to live sporting events and playing sports. He is an avid reader and researcher. Warren is a member of the Society of Baseball Researchers (SABR) and the Society of Hockey International Researchers (SHIR).

Jerry Harris - President and Chief Executive Officer of Powerful Promotions

Jerry is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Powerful Promotions a full-service printing company and part of the Mark Andrew Group.

Jerry is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Powerful Promotions a full-service printing company and part of the Mark Andrew Group. He has been a graphic designer and all-encompassing printer in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex serving clients nationwide. Powerful Promotions has become an essential extension of the Mark Andrew Group's portfolio of services. Jerry Harris understands full well the importance of the future of communications, business, economics, and that the tools necessary to accomplish each one's objective and goals are increasingly interactive. The Mark Andrew Group and Powerful Promotions are committed to full-time research and unearthing of new technology, science, arts and the needs for everyday living as it relates to the success of society. Our products and services are the gold standard of our industry.




Public Relations, Media Relations, Community Relations, Media Training, Speech and Delivery Training, Crisis Management, Speech Writing.


Personal Brand Strategy

The Mark Andrew Group creates personal brand strategies for extraordinary individuals from every walk of life who are ready to leverage their professional success and personal passion.


Social Media Strategy & Management

The Mark Andrew Group believes in the power of brand management, content marketing and social media. That is why we have collaborated with the best in the business – Aimee Jurado, Owner of Authentic Articulations.


Business Development

The Mark Andrew Group differentiates itself from other firms by providing the full service a company needs to flourish. Customers may want all services or just one. We open an account in the Mark Andrew Group Knowledge Bank for you. The account is open and available 365 24/7. Depositing business to your company, collecting goals and objectives for your brand, or acquiring equity for you to sustain your future.


Research and Future Technology Business and Brand Integration

The Mark Andrew Group provides quantifiable insight on the role data plays in enabling future technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things in communications. Data quality is a priority for business and brands. We research, analyze and explain the benefits of good-quality data. We protect our clients from suffering the costs of poor-quality data and provide guidance and negotiation with technology partners.


Sports Management & Marketing

The Mark Andrew Group develops and implements sports management strategies, media management, advice, training for league and conference commissioners, front office executives collegiate organizations, coaches and Olympic and professional athletes.


Print and Web Design

The Mark Andrew Group develops unique content and a style that distinguishes the brand and delivers on the marketing plan. Our creative director and creative team are charged with producing the best overall design to support a client's strategy and objectives.


Film, TV, & Media Production

We use the state-of-the-art equipment that is just right for a particular setting and for each project we select appropriate directors, writers, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, editors, sound engineers, musicians, music supervisors, set designers, and crew.


Political Science and Strategy

The Mark Andrew Group specializes in providing political campaign strategy for candidates and issues. Combining expert strategy with “authentic” social media practices, sophisticated media buying and production operations we create the awareness candidates need to move voters to their side.

Selected Former and Present Clients

The Mark Andrew Group is a sanctuary of personal branding and external communications for high net-worth clients that are confidential. Given the nature of work performed for these clients the Mark Andrew Group can only retain a maximum number of such individuals. Mark Andrew works with these clients directly and is available to discuss initiatives for potential clients. This includes numerous confidential individuals, political leaders and candidates, as well as corporations, teams, and athletes

"Success is not a destination. It is a Journey"

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